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“I see, I feel, perceive in everything that is in nature something that others do not hear.
Every single color, noise, nature object, is for me a symbol of Art, from which to create, with my imagination, what is not, but it could be. “

Gianluca D’Amato was born in Eboli, in the province of Salerno, 16 June 1980.

Passionate of  drawing since childhood he attended the Art School of Eboli Carlo Levi, graduating. He then began to travel throughout Italy on the occasion of exhibitions and events, knowing and discovering so many styles, but he is passionate particularly to Surreal style.

At 23, he attended a course of tattoos, even becoming a tattoo artist.

After a few more years is passionate about the art of body painting, running performance in local, squares, motorcycle rallies, etc.

Continues its path of Art also creating fabulous murals and trompe l’oil.

    “Sometimes I ask myself: ‘I’m an alien?’ Then I look, I think, I reflect … and answer me:
‘No, I am an artist’. “